Happy Easter

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend, I know I did. 

My family got together and had a big BBQ with a lot of great food. All the children of the family played and had a lot of fun while the adults had their fun playing volleyball. I think we all got a good share of food and exercise. Unfortunately a few of us walked away with some injuries. My mother twisted her ankle and I bruised the palm of my hand. Also, my father and brother wounded some old injuries ... Even though we played rough we all walked away happy to have played. :)

I was working on a project a few days ago that reminded me of the Christmas gift I made my brother and his wife this past year. So I thought I would share.

My brother laughed when he opened this because I left extra ribbon on the bottom in case they had more children. :)

Becky (aka Rebecca) wants me to help design their sons' room with the same sort of look and feel as this sign. That's something we'll be working on together really soon and I'm sure I'll show you some little peaks while we work on things.

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