Watz ^ UP ^ Wednesday

I thought I would do a video updating all my subscribers on YouTube. I haven't been posting a lot of recent videos so I thought this was a good way to connect with everyone. I've been receiving TONS of wonderful comments and it has really lifted my spirits... I've been going through somewhat of a rough time... so THANK YOU very much!! It really means a lot to me!  ...Moving on... :) I hope to be uploading and posting more regularly. I'll probably pick out a few days a week and keep to those days so everyone will know when to check back.

Check out the video and see What's UP!  :)

I received this comment on my finished envelope album tutorial video, Part 5. It really hit a soft spot so I had to share.

"Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!! I really appreciate you taking the time to go through this awesome album step by step. I have wanted to make some mini albums for a while now but just didn't know where to start. I now have several album ideas going through my brain! Thanks again soooo much! I love your videos. I enjoy watching them as you are so through & speak so fluently with a soft calm voice. You are awesome! "

Thank you golashes2 and Thanks everyone for stopping by!


  1. Your so sweet! I am so glad that my comment made your day a little brighter! The comment was the truth and from he heart! I honestly appreciate it and you did a fantastic job, I noticed no flaws what so ever. I enjoy following your blog & videos and have so many "to do" list like you do. I will share when I eventually get them completed. I am still organizing my room to try and get it more functional for me. I definately think my husband should bid on your romance album, what a nice gift that would be! :) Keep your chin up & again thanks for everything!! Warm Wishes ~ Michelle

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