Artsy Addicts ATC Swap

I finally received my May ATC's in the mail! I've been waiting anxiously to see them. This was my first swap and I think it was a lot of fun. I apologize for the glare on the pictures.

 Made by Tina @

 Made by Kelly
I think Kelly's is my favorite since it's so cute & simple :)

Made by Mariam @

I wasn't happy to see my package damaged. It had previously been cut open for whatever reason and taped back together with crappy tape which was half ripped open when I received it. :(

As you can see it's mangled as well.

This card got cut ..

Ahh.. the poor pink butterfly lost part of it's wing.. :( aww

This was made by Katherine @

Not too much damage done.. so no big deal. I really enjoyed all the cards and I'm looking forward to another swap. If you happened to forgot.. here's the card that everyone else received from me. The challenge was to use some metal and NO visible paper. 

I think everyone's turned out great! 


  1. Judy you did a great job on your Blog and Thank you for sharing your ATC cards that you had received, they are all so beautiful. Cannot wait to get mine.

  2. Wow, you can make some pretty awesome things,,,am a new follower,

    I hope you don't mind, I posted your Video to my site, on how to make flowers, if you don't want it on there just tell me and I will take it off, no problem,,I should have ask before I posted.
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