Baby Shower Invitations

I was asked if I could design a baby shower invitation that could be neutral. Yellow and green was obviously the color scheme here.

When I was asked to do this I immediately thought that designing digitally would be the best way to go. I knew that she wanted the invitation to be as if it was coming from the baby. These are the two designs I came up with.

Click pictures to enlarge.

Considering I'm fairy new to photoshop, I think these turned out great! The simple style really says 'Judy' all over it :)

If I were to use these designs for baby shower invitations. I would now have to change the information to real information and then they can be printed as a 4x6 on photo paper. This can be done through an online photo printing company, taken to a photo printing machine, or done at home.

It's as simple as that.. well getting envelopes too. But those should be easy to get :) I hope she likes them & let me know what you all think!