Celebrating My 22nd Birthday

Sunday (July 17th, 2011) was my 22nd birthday!! Yah !! :) My eldest brother (Jerry) and I, share the same birthday - seven years apart. He turned 29.

To celebrate our birthday, Jerry put together a barbecue at his house which was fantastic! This took place on Saturday evening as I planned to be gone on Sunday. This was somewhat of a last minute gathering; so my mom didn't make her fantastic homemade cheesecake that she makes for special occasions throughout the year.

Their are a lot of July birthday's in my family so we always have a HUGE family barbecue to celebrate all of them. This will be taking place this coming Sunday and I believe my mom will be making her famous cheesecake.

Later Saturday evening Neil and I took a nice walk along a sandy creek that was located on our drive home. We left impressions of our hands in the sand with a heart drawn in the center :)

Sunday; my actual birthday, I had planned to do something different.. but I ended up having a leisurely day at home. I watched a lot of videos, listened to music, ate good food, and took naps. :) It's been really REALLY HOT so it was best to stay inside anyway.

I took Monday and Sunday as vacation days to celebrate my birthday. I also hadn't had a day off from work since the 4th of July so I was tuckered!!

Monday I decided to take a 70 mile trip to go craft shopping!! Yah!! It was about 109 degrees when we were out and man was it HOT!!! I ended up going to Michaels, Joanns and Hobby Lobby.. Woot Woot!! I do a lot of my shopping online since these stores are so far away. It's very exciting for me to go. A lot of what I bought was on sale or in the dollar bins. I made some purchases for my Secret Squirrel! It was too hot to be out doing much so we made it a semi short trip.

On our way home we picked up a Philly Cheese Steak pizza at Dominos ... Yum!!

I hope to do a video this weekend showing my new goodies. So I will wait to show you then. Thanks everyone for all the Birthday wishes. It made everything seem even more special!


  1. Hi Judy. Happy belated Birthday! I hope that you and your brother both had a great day. My oldest nephew's bday was today and he turned 23. :O) Yes, I am getting old. My two kids have the Bdays on the 30th and 31st, so we tend to celebrate it for two days. Have a good one. Hugs, Lisa G

  2. Happy birthday scrappy sister!

  3. Happy Birthday I have a son your age...
    Stay cool Judy