Birthday Haul

I thought I would go ahead and take some pictures and Blog about my goodies. This way everyone can see what I got and I can put everything away. I haven't asked to borrow my brother's camera yet. I have a few other videos I would like to do and I'm not completely ready for them. 

So like I said on my last post I went to Joanns, Michaels, and Hobby Lobby. What I forgot to mention is that I went to Walmart too. Neil and stayed up really late and started my birthday early and went to sleep later. Then got up and went craft shopping.

Here is what I got at Walmart. The beads were all on clearance for a dollar. When I got home I looked at the receipt and I got charged more for some of it, which is okay. Had I been paying attention at the checkout I would of made them correct it though.

The top 2 trims were bought at Joanns and the bottom one was bought at Hobby Lobby. Joanns was the first place we went and I thought I better get something there so I didn't have to go back if I couldn't find what I wanted. The black beaded trim was $8 a yard and the fringe was $5. The trim wasn't particularly what I wanted, but to go back to Joanns would be completely out of the way.

So when we went to Hobby Lobby I looked at their selection and wow that is the place to go. (At least for me, my Joanns is horrible.) The trim I bought there was $6 a yard and tops anything I saw at Joanns. Hobby Lobby's prices & selection were better so that is where I'll be buying my laces & Trims from now on. 

Neil bought me the damask satin ribbon at Walmart and the paisley satin ribbon at Joann's. I purchased the pink and animal print ribbons at Michael's for my Secret Squirrel. They were in the dollar bins. 

 I got most of these items at Michael's in the dollar bins as well. The Eiffel tower and the beaded favor ties were in the wedding section. I thought the ties would be great to create flower sprays. I bought another package of charms, but I used some. That's why you see some laying loosely. And the stationary might be fun to alter.

I bought these tags and the 7gypsies Paris themed book covers at Hobby Lobby for a reasonable price.

The wood mounted stamps were again from the dollar bins at Michael's. The fleur de lis is a foam stamp that's meant for wall stamping. I bought it for $.99 at Hobby Lobby and I thought it would work great for decorating my Secret Squirrel's box.

Of course, these came from the dollar bins at Michael's :) I like the frame and the border on that one stamp. I also really like clear alphabet stamps because they're a lot easier to stamp. The 2 at the top are duplicates. I thought I could use 2 since there is only 1 of each letter. If I don't end up needing them I might give them away.

Some other things that I bought that I didn't take pictures of. - Tim Holtz Foundations/Box Feet for my Secret Squirrel's Cigar Box. Decoupage, which took me forever to find. I also bought some Gesso from Hobby Lobby and it turns out that it's old. It's gooey! So I don't know what I'll do with it.

I believe that is everything that I bought. If I had to guess I would say I spent $50 to $60 on crafty goodness. With as much stuff as I got I would say I spent pretty well. Next time I really need to get some storage units of some kind so I can organize my madness :D 

Check out my next post. It'll be about the sweet gifts that I got :D 


  1. Wow!! Lovely goodies Judy-loving all the pearls and the trims & those paris book covers look so cool :) X

  2. Happy Birthday! Love the Pearls and the trims. What a great thing to do on your birthday go shopping for craft goodies!