Anniversary Celebration

Neil and I have offically been together for 6 years!! Our Anniversary was Thursday, September 15th.How exciting!! =) Neil & I had a wonderful time just spending it together. We enjoyed the little things. We decided to stay away from the house for a few days & stay in a hotel. This was a relaxing treat. Amazingly it was my first time staying in a hotel as well. So it was an interesting experience knowing so many people had selpt in the same bed before me. eekk! We did some shopping; well mostly me. =)  We visited some stores, just to browse. Did some clothes shopping & of course I did my craft shopping. We also ate a lot of Domino's pizza!! LOL I love their Philly Steak & Cheese pizza!

It was a fun "Super Mini" vacation & I will treasure the memories for a lifetime. =) That's what scrapbooking is about! I want to share a cute treat we had for the first time on our anniversary.


- - NUTFFLES - -
LOL I thought this was too funny!
Neil's favorite kind of nut is hazelnut, that is why he got us some.

Neil picked me some wonderful flowers the morning of our Anniversary.

Isn't he the sweetest! Chocolate, flowers, & I get to go shopping!

I picked the BEST of the best!!

Thanks for those who wished my a happy anniversary and thanks Neil for putting up with me for 6 years!! =)

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