Happy Monday =)

Hello Everyone!!
It's been BUSY BUSY here!! LOL .. *Wiping the sweat off my head!*

The end of last week I spent a lot of my spare time recorded videos. Some are tutorials & some were informative, but generally just for fun. I'm currently in the process of editing them. I hope to get them uploaded soon!! I can't wait!! I always get excited when I'm working on videos!! 

Starting on Friday we hosted a family reunion at our house (Neil's family). This has been going on around this time of year; every year, for the past 5 years. Neil's family is very large, so everyone usually camps out in the yard & the younger ones usually stay inside. This event is a weekend long thing & it's usually a lot of fun. Everyone sits around a camp fire & talks. Some of the men go fishing in a new by pond. There are also a lot of young children running around.

So that was how I spent my weekend!! BUSY BUSY =)

It was well spent though!

So now that the FUN (Chaos) is over with, I can relax & concentrate on the fun stuff. Like making videos =)

I'll be checking back in soon; hopefully with more to share!!

Take care!!

~ Judy~


  1. Alas, every moment can't be spent in our studio's creating! LOL
    Can't wait to see what you've recorded!!

  2. Its always nice to catch up with family.
    I look forward to seeing you videos and learning something new. TFS Judy