Super Secret Squirrel-ly Sister Recipe Box Swap

I participated in the Secret Squirel Box Swap for the month of August. This swap is hosted by Jade at Jaded Studios. If you would like to participate you will need to join the Facebook group called Secret Squirrel Sisterhood Society. The box this month was suppose to be a recipe box rather than the normal cigar box. The theme was Vintage Girl Grunge & the challenge was to make card dividers. 

I personally like to make things multipurpose. So for my box this month I decided to make it larger than normal. I thought Holly (my SS) could use it for pictures, recipes, or whatever else she would like. I wanted her to have options since I did not know if she would be using it in her kitchen as an actual recipe box.

To start the box I figured out the measurements that I need; unfortunately, I don't have them to give you. I  cut out all my chipboard for the first layer. I then used cardstock and wrapped it around the chipboard to connect all the pieces together.

This technique is similar to wrapping a cover of a mini album.

I used mod podge to glue the cardstock to the chipboard. I like to use mod podge as a glue because I can easily cover the whole surface & there will be no bubbles later. However, I do not like it as a finish. The humidity in Iowa doesn't allow the mod podge to set fully & it remains tacky.

Continuing on with the next step I painted the box with several different mixtures of purple metallic paint. You can't see the color variegation here but I do show it in the video.

You can see now that I have covered a second layer of chipboard with a light lavender colored cardstock & have begun layering it to by base. This is what is seen from the inside of the box. I used two layers of chipboard to ensure that the box would be sturdy.

This is the basic assembly of the box. From here was mostly decorating & also the expandable spine that I later changed.

This is what the box looked liked when it had the expandable dividers. I didn't take anymore pictures of my process for this box so I hope you get the basic concept of how to create one & give it a try yourself.

Here is the video of the finial box as well as the pendent banner that I made for my Secret Squirrel.

This is a very fun swap to participate in. I hope you will join also. I did not join the September swap as I have plenty already going on this month. One of the biggest things I'm trying to achieve is getting caught up on videos. =) You will be seeing more of me!!

I also want to thank everyone who has left comments on my blog Give-A-Way! I love reading them all!

If you haven't left a comment be sure to leave one!!