How to Store Inkpads - Upside Down or Right Side Up?

The most common question asked about storing inkpads is whether or not to store them upside down. I thought I would address this question with guidelines I follow to help you decide if you want to store them upside down or right side up.

FACT - Over time gravity will take it's natural course and pull the ink down. Depending on the ink and the pad; it may take hours, days, or weeks before you notice. You may not even realize it's how you are storing your pads.

  • If an inkpad is so saturated that it's over inking your stamps, store it right side up. This will help to pull the ink away from the surface and let the ink settle into the pad.

  • If an inkpad seems dry, turn in upside down. Doing this will help to bring the ink back to the surface. If this doesn't work; or work fast enough, then try re-inking the pad. If you like to buy new pads instead of re-inking, try leaving the pad upside down for a few days first.

  • Always, store inkpads flat. If you store them on their side, over time the ink will pool to one side. This will cause your pads to stamp uneven. With rainbow inkpads this is especially important, because the ink colors will mix together and get muddy. Storing them on their side can also cause the ink to seep out and make a mess.

  • When storing inkpads upside down, some ink may seep into the lid. If the pad is not heavily inked this may not happen. Having small amounts of ink pooling into the lid isn't necessarily a bad thing. This can make an ink well for water-coloring, ink daubing, or using a blender pen.

  • Pigment inkpads have a thicker ink and a foam pad. Because the ink is thicker it tends to stay more towards the surface. So you may not need to store them upside down. All inkpads have the potential to have seepage, but pigment inks can make more of a mess if seepage happens. If the pad is not overly juicy you may not have a problem. Just be cautious to avoid a potential mess.

  • When storing inkpads for a long period of time; with little use, it's best to store them upside down. This will keep the ink at the surface and guarantee maximum quality of your inkpad when you're ready to use them.

I hope these tips help you decide how you want to store your inkpads. If you have any questions I would be happy to help. Take Care!


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