Christmas Gifts 2012

I wanted to share an excited present I received from Neil for Christmas. It's the Big Shot! I'm super excited to now have a die cutting system. I've already had a lot of use from it and it's been a blast.

Along with the Big Shot, he bought me the Cuddlebug all-in-one 'Beautiful' embossing set and the platform to use with it.
This Cuddlebug embossing system wasn't something I had ever seen before. He found it and thought it would be great since it came with several designs in one set.

The embossing set came with one 5x7 embossing plate and nine smaller ones. You can position the plates anywhere on the platform and use several at a time too. There are also different sets of embossing plates that you can buy that work with the platform.

If you any questions about how the Cuddlebug plates and platform work, feel free to ask. I may do a video review when I get back into the swing of making videos.

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