What are your most commonly used tools?

  • Scissors
I typically use fabric sheers as my go to scissors. I have a pair that I use for nearly everything and a pair I use for cutting ribbon and fabric.
  • Ruler
I use a 4"x18"grid ruler that I found in the sewing section at Walmart. The Tim Holtz grid ruler is a center point grid ruler that is nice as well. I also like stainless steel rulers.
  • Craft Knife
The craft knife I am using now is by Husky. It has a small cushioned handle that I like. This was purchased in a kit at Menards. I typically buy the #11 refill blades by X-acto.
  • Cutting Mat
I am currently using the 12x12 cutting mat by Martha Stewart.
  • Paper Cutter
I have a Tonic Studio 12x12 sword cutter that I use for paper. For chipboard I use my older trimmer that is by Purple Cow. It has a rotary cutter on one side and a sword cutter on the other. I prefer sword cutters.
  • Scoring Board
The Martha Stewart Scoring Board is something I use often. It has scoring grooves every 1/8". This makes it easy to lay the paper down and do what you need to do without moving the paper.
  • Bone Folder
I use the bone folder by Martha Stewart. One side is flat and the other has a curve to it. I use the curved section a lot when I'm wrapping the covers of my albums. It's also rounded instead of being flat like most bone folders. I that shape, I think it's much easier to hold.

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What adhesives do you use most, recommend, and why?

Dry Adhesives
  • Tape Gun(ATG)
I like using a Tape Gun (ATG) for adhering paper to paper. It's a dry adhesive so it won't warp the paper like a liquid adhesive. With a tape gun I can buy bigger rolls, making it more cost efficient compared to using a tape runner all the time. The adhesive for a tape gun is also stronger than the normal tape runner.

TheTapeDepot is the cheapest place I have found to buy tape refills. They also have an Ebay store which is where I usually purchase my refills. My tape gun was also bought from them, but their tape works in the scotch guns as well.
  • Scor Tape
Scor tape is a strong, double-sided adhesive tape that comes on a roll. I like to use this when my ATG may not be a strong enough adhesive. I also like using tape that comes on a roll because it's easier to get the adhesive right next to the edge of the paper. Scor tape can be torn easily, it's heat resistant, and it comes in many different sizes. Depending on the size, cost can vary from $4 to $21 per roll. Scrapbookpal.com offers scor tape at the lowest price I have seen.
  • Scor Tape Alternatives
I like scor tape but I don't like the outrageous price. I have searched for some other adhesives that are similar, but have a better price point.

Scrapbuck.com offers a tape that's only a dollar a roll. I like this tape very much and the price is great. They also offer dimensional dots or squares that have the same tackiness as their tape. The tape rolls they offer come in two different sizes; a 5mm x 20m and a 12mm x 10m roll. The 5mm x 20m roll is slightly smallr than 1/4" wide and over 65 feet in length. The 12mm x 10m roll is slightly smaller than 1/2" and over 32 feet in length.

Viva Las Vegas Stamps offers a tape called Miracle Tape. Their tape is strong and has the same features of scor tape. A roll of Miracle tape is 55 yards in length compared to a roll of scor tape, which is 27 yards long. Buying one roll of Miracle Tape is like buying two rolls of scor tape, except the price is much better.
  • Tape Runner
I use a tape runner when I working with smaller projects, such as card making. I don't use glue runners often, but it's something I like to have around. I'm not particular to any brand. There are different kinds of glue runners, such as dots, stripes, and solid. I prefer to use a permanent solid runner. I also use removable tape runners.
  • Glue Dots
Glue dots are nice for adhering small embellishments, such as buttons and flowers. This makes for instant adhesion. I not particular about the brand that I use.
  • Hot Glue Gun
A hot glue gun can be used for a wide variety of things; this is why I like it. Also it has an instant bond and sets up fast. I am currently using a "standard" hot glue gun.

Liquid Adhesives
  • Aleene's Original Tacky Glue
Aleene's Original Tacky Glue is a really thick and strong glue. As is, I like to use it for a variety of things, but I find it adheres chipboard to chipboard very well. I like to mix this glue, in a jar, with water to thin it down. This gives me a thinner consistency; similar to the consistency of book binding glue. Then it can easily be spread with a foam brush. I like to adhere paper to chipboard this way. It gives me 100% full coverage.
  • Scotch Quick
Scotch Quick Dry is thinner than Aleene's Original Tacky Glue and it dries quicker. In certain situations this works better than Aleene's Original Tacky Glue, because I need a thinner bead or I need the glue to dry faster.
  • Glossy Accents by Ranger
Glossy Accents is a finer detailed glue than dries even quicker than Scotch Quick Dry. I like to use this as an accent and with small things, it makes a great glue. Also available is matte, crackle, and sepia accents.
  • Glue Sticks
I don't use glue sticks regularly, but sometimes a glue stick can be the best way to adhere something. I have tried many different kinds; expensive ones and super cheap ones. The cheapest glue sticks I have found have also had the best quality. The glue sticks I use are available at Hobby Lobby.

Glues and Sealers
  • Mod Podge
Mod Podge is a all-in-one glue, sealer, and finish by Plaid enterprises. There are different kinds of Mod Podge; such as gloss, matte, hard coat, glitter, shimmer, and more. Mod Podge is a great way to glue multiple layers and finish projects. This is a water-based product that may remain tacky after cured, especially in humid climates. When used as a finish it's recommended to use a acrylic sealer over the top.
  • Royal Coat Decoupage Finish
Decoupage is another product offered by Plaid enterprises. This product is also a glue and sealer. In most instances, this is used in the art of decoupaging.I use it for the art of decoupaging and my general craft projects. It provides a water resistant finish. So an acrylic sealer is not necessary.
  • Krylon UV Resistant Clear Coat Matte and Krylon Triple-Thick Crystal Clear Glaze
There are many different acrylic sealers on the market. These are just two that I keep around all the time for finishing my projects. They can can be used on a variety of surfaces; such as wood, metal, wicker, plastic, glass, plaster, ceramic, paper, paper mache, and dried or silk flowers. These sealers offer a permanent, protective finish that is fade resistant and non-yellowing. The matte clear coat gives a matte finish even over a glossy one. The Triple-Thick Crystal Clear Glaze gives a high-gloss finish that looks like glass. These products come in spray cans which makes the application fast and easy.

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What cardstock do you use and where do you buy it?

When I first started papercrafting, I purchased the cardstock packs that were offered at Walmart. At that time, the brand was Paperbilities, Walmart now carries Colorbok cardstock. Years later I was introduced to the Michael's Arts and Craft store. I began purchasing the Recollection cardstock packs they offer. I still use both brands of cardstock and I like them both.

More recently I have started purchasing my cardstock from ThePAPERMILLStore.com. They offer a variety of cardstock types as well as different sizes. My personal preference has been the ColorMates Smooth and Silky cardstock. Before I had to purchase colored cardstock in multicolor packs that would only provide a few sheets of each color. Now I can purchase any color they offer in bulk packs. They also have a steady supply of their cardstock. So I'm not worried when they're going to retire certain colors. Like I might be with other companies, like Paper Trey Ink or Stamping Up.

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What designer paper companies do you like most?

There many companies out there that have great paper collections. I am not particular to any one company or even few. There are paper collections that I like from most of the major companies, but I don't like all their paper. However, I do find myself purchasing a lot of Bo Bunny and Die Cuts With a View papers.

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What magnets do you use for the closures of your albums and where can I buy them?

The magnets I use are called neodymium magnets. These are extremely strong so take precautions when having these in your possession. These can be purchased in different shapes, sizes, and thicknesses. I purchase my magnets from K & J Magnetics.

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